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eValuate serves as a complete evaluation management and administration system for creating forms and rubrics related to evaluating courses, students, preceptors, clinical sites, instructors, among other custom evaluation types. Assigning and completing evaluations has never been easier.

Insights For Your Health Science Program

Throughout a student’s time at an institution, they go through several phases of evaluation.




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All Your Evaluation Needs Covered

Courses, students, preceptors, clinical sites, instructors, and more.

Assign Evaluations

We provide you with the most intuitive evaluation workflow based on your needs.

Powerful Options

Easily configure evaluation anonymity, require release, updateability, and more.


Send notifications with easy one-click links to ensure that evaluations are filled out on time.

Fill Out Evaluations

See all evaluations you need to complete and have completed in one place.

Extend Due Dates

Adjust evaluation availability when evaluators miss a deadline.

Evaluation Validation

Set rules to make sure an evaluation has been filled out correctly before submitting.

Comprehensive Filters

Quickly find what you need using the numerous filters available throughout eValuate.


View exportable and printable reports with the data you need to make decisions.



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Gain quick access to all significant information and options you’ll need inside eValuate’s Form Assignments interface. Furthermore, the assignment process is customized to how your institution organizes its evaluees.

Specify the amount of time before and after an event occurs that evaluations can be completed.

Assign evaluations that can be completed multiple times during the school year.

Configure if the evaluator should be remain anonymous.

Assign evaluations based upon didactic and clinical schedules.


As an evaluator, you want to both see what evaluations need to be completed and review completed evaluations. You may also want to save an unfinished evaluation, or update an evaluation that has already been completed.

Fill out multiple forms at once.

Save evaluations without submitting so that you can complete it later.

Receive notifications and reminders to fill out evaluations.

One-click auto-login to fill out evaluations.

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Report & Analyze

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Lastly, you may want to distribute evaluation results. eValuate reports and their comprehensive filters let you pinpoint the exact set of data you want to see – export and print-friendly.

Report on the data you want with filters.

Evaluation Summary reports give you an overview of evaluation results.

Evaluation Form Details reports give you evaluator responses for each question.

Evaluation Response Frequency reports give you a % breakdown of responses.

And many more reports…

Advanced Functionality

Fine-tune your evaluation process with these additional features.


Building an evaluation can be a complex process. You might need to create new questions, or dig up a question that was used on an evaluation from two years ago. There may also be some concepts that cannot be measured simply from a normal question, and a rubric may be more appropriate. Furthermore, you may want to align standards to each criteria of a rubric.

Within the eValuate Form Builder interface, you can effortlessly add questions (either newly created or selected from our question sets), re-order them with drag-and-drop, and organize questions across multiple pages. Build rubrics with the rubric builder, where you can configure point values,  styling, and standards, among other options.

Form & Question Builders

Create evaluations from scratch using our form and question builders.

Question Sets

Speed up your evaluation creation process with advanced question organization.

Rubric Builder

Create rubrics with custom criteria, response values, and standards.

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After evaluations have been completed, they need to be reviewed. But instead of spending time digging through countless evaluations individually, it would be much more valuable to be given only the data you want to see. Then, you can quickly understand trends and focus your time more efficiently.

Evaluations About Me gives students a view of all evaluations that have been filled out for themselves. The Dashboard gives numerous detailed charts, diagrams, and tables. And custom reports allow you to see reports tailored to whatever you need.

Evaluations About Me

Students view evaluations about themselves to identify areas to improve.


Numerous diagrams, charts and tables help you understand trends in a snap.

Custom Reports

Work with us to create hyperspecific, custom reports to fit any of your needs.

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